Ready to Adopt?
Here are some things to know about welcoming a retired racer into your home.
Greyhounds are quiet, gentle and affectionate and are happiest in calm environments.  No harsh training methods needed.  A strong "No" will do the trick.
Racers are trained to chase small moving objects so they can never be let off lead outside a fenced area.  If they take off you'll never catch them!
Although they lead a sheltered life at the track, greyhounds adjust quickly to life as a pet.  Patience during the transition period will help your new family member fit right in.
Greyhounds are extremely laid back.  They spend most of their day napping and only need moderate exercise.  A nice walk or a quick sprint around the yard is plenty of activity for them.

How much does a greyhound cost in a typical year?

Basic expenses are $1000 to $1200 per year.  Miscellaneous expenses and emergency vet care can increase this number.  We believe it is important that potential adopters understand the financial commitment your new family member requires.

Greyhounds typically eat 4 cups of kibble a day.  Quality dog kibble is important to overall health and prices vary depending on how high end you go with your food choice.
A yearly vet check, vaccines, monthly heartworm preventative, flea & tick treatment and annual dental cleaning are all vital to a healthy greyhound.
As a breed, greyhounds do not need extensive grooming but monthly nail trims and the occasional bath will be necessary.
Don't forget toys, treats and the occasional need to see your vet for an unexpected health issue.  Your greyhound requires a realistic understanding of his annual cost for care.
This video, although a little dated, provides some good information about adopting a retired racer.
And, just for fun...............
The adoption process
We use a multi-step process that allows us to determine the best fit between potential adopters and our available dogs.




Fill out our online adoption application. The questions on the application are designed to allow us to get a sense of your family and homelife and what you expect from a pet.
Once you submit your application, our adoption coordinator will contact you by phone or through email.  Now we can begin the process of finding the right dog for you.
Next up is a home visit.  We want to ensure your house and yard are greyhound safe.




Now it's time for a personal meet and greet with the dog or dogs we feel best suit your lifestyle.  Together we'll find your perfect match!
Adoption day!  There will be an adoption contract for you to sign as well as an adoption fee of $350.  This fee covers the cost of your dog's spay/neuter, dental cleaning, vaccines, and transportation from the track.
After your adoption is finalized this isn't the end of the services we offer you.  We fully support our adoptors and are always available to answer questions and help with any issues that may arise.  We'll keep in touch!
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